The basic functionality of asEars is the same as that of CROS hearing aids: picks up sound from the angle you cannot listen to well, then transmit it to the other side.

asEars uses dual microphones placed on the rim to picks up sound selectively from the deaf side. Advanced digital sound processing is done completely inside the device, and the processed sound is transmitted by a bone conduction speaker placed near the functioning ear.

Sound from the impaired ear is transmitted to the other side.

Sound from the impaired ear is transmitted to the other side.


We put all the components inside this stylish pair of glasses!

  • All the electronics inside asEars are powered by a super-slim LiPo rechargable battery
  • Surprisingly tiny MEMS digital microphones fits completely into the rim of the glasses
  • A microprocessor does all the things to produce sound you want to hear
  • asEars has a built-in bone conduction speaker, but does not look any different from normal glasses
  • Beam forming technology collects sound only from the direction you want to hear, i.e., sound from the side of your impaired ear.
  • Sound emitted from the bone conduction speaker re-enters into the microphone, and it causes howling, a phenomenon where the speaker oscillates and produce loud, unconfortable sound. In order to prevent it, adaptive feedback cancelling technology is used.

Using asEars is very simple: just put it on your face like a pair of normal glasses, and turn the power on. asEars never changes your lifestyle, it completely blends into it!